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Music production & recording FAQ

Music Production and Recording is an enormous topic, but the basics are the same no matter what you end up doing! Recording audio from a microphone, song arrangement, and using MIDI to play electronic instruments are all topics that are covered in Production and Recording lessons.

YES! Full-fledged music production in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is fairly complex and not usually suitable for young children. However, kids can be taught numerous music production concepts through simplified software and games. Kids can have a blast making their own beats!

ProTools. FL Studio. Garage Band. Audio equipment can be pricey, so you will work with your teacher to find the best solution.

At the absolute minimum, Production and Recording students will need a computer, a DAW (digital audio workstation), headphones, and a MIDI keyboard. For people looking to record audio (ie vocals or any instrument), a microphone and audio interface will also be necessary.

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