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Hi, I’m Jan Janovsky — local pianist and owner of the Classic Studios music academy.

Many parents tell me they want to give their child a quality music education. Yet they’re worried about dry, boring classes that leave their kids without the drive to practice, and without the ability or desire to perform in public. 

They say that if it’s going to be the same old same old, then it’s just a waste of money and time!

This is why we take a different approach at Classic Studios. 

From the first class our students start building skills and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

Once you register your child, they will get:

  • a customized “musical personality assessment” — they’ll be matched with the teacher that most fits their personality, style, and musical goals

  • an expert-ear evaluation of where they are at right now, and a clear path for future improvement

  • the ability to play a bit of their favorite song right away (this is key to keeping them excited to practice between lessons… and is just one of my many “old school tricks” to develop self-driven students who are passionate about music and culture)

  • ongoing music lessons that mix professional structure and humor, so the student continues to enjoy it and to learn more each time

  • access to perform at several local and regional professional music venues and festivals

  • preparation for certification exams (if they want to pursue them)

  • membership in a tight-knit community of Sherwood Park music students that all support and encourage one another

  • (and most importantly) monthly Masterclass events — an old world European tradition that the elite performers have used for years to connect with top musical minds and build effortless comfort for public performance… we are the only music school in Sherwood Park and Edmonton that even offers this!

What are the costs to provide such a premium musical education for your child?

Normally, registration into our program costs $75 per student.

And music lessons range from $140-$280 per month, with your choice of studio or in-home teaching.

But for something this important and lasting in your child’s life, you should be able to try it first to see if it’s the right fit for them.

So here is what I will offer you if you sign up this week:


That way you (and your child) can see if we are the best music academy for them — at absolutely no cost. There are no obligations and no up-front payments required.

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I’ll bet you’ll be shocked at how excited and motivated your child is, after just the first lesson!

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