4 Creative Ideas for a Musical Family Life

Music, painting, theater, dance, as well as the rest of the arts, are capable of evoking emotions, creating careful, creative, fun environments, full of learning for your children.

To do so, we offer you some activities that you can easily carry out, using tools, materials, and/or utensils that we all have at home, recyclable materials, and all that jazz, to share these “creative-musical moments” with the family.

  1. Construction of musical instruments with recyclable materials: It is about being able to make your own instruments, manually, using rolls of toilet paper, paper, cardboard, rubbers, fabrics, wool, cords, paints, cellophane, old pans, plastic buckets, cutlery (spoons), you name it.
  2. Karaoke at Home: This activity will give you the opportunity to become the stars of the family song. To find the songs you want, you just have to write the name of the songs on YouTube followed by “karaoke” and you will surely find it.

    You could create a playlist of the songs you know and create your most appropriate environment to enjoy this hilarious activity, singing, dancing, and sharing your voices and art as a family.

  3. Composition of your own song: To compose a song as a family, the most important thing will be to decide:
    • What musical style do we all want? Think of different music styles that you like the most (rock, jazz, pop, blues …) and your favorite songs, and choose one, with the aim of using music (with karaoke), but changing the lyrics, in order to obtain your own song. (You can also invent your own rhythm or melodies, that is, a completely new song.
    • What will the lyrics be about? You have to think about a theme to talk about in the song, such as friendship, love, adventures, the current situation, and what we do to make the best of every day.
    • How can we start writing?
      To do this, you can write a phrase that occurs to each of you, and when you have enough ideas, you put them to your liking and even change words by synonyms, in order to find the rhyme, if desired. If you decide to change the lyrics of an existing song, you can search the karaoke of the song you were inspired by and put it in the background, in order to guide you about the different parts it has.
    • Once we have the lyrics, what do we do? Improvise a stage in a special corner of the house, play
      karaoke and enjoy your family song.
  4. Shall we paint with Music?: This activity tries to use 2 totally different songs, of style, speed, intensity… Once the songs are found:
    • First, we listen to the song with our eyes closed or covered with a cloth handkerchief.
    • We try to capture in a drawing what the music has suggested to us.
    • We listen to the second song with our eyes closed or covered as in the previous song.
    • We redraw what the second song has suggested to us.
    • We put each of the songs back on and comment on what your drawing means, what you were thinking about, or how you felt.

We hope you liked these creative ideas and find them useful on these days, and whenever you wish, we hope our little contribution for your homes comes handy, so you can share musical, creative, fun, and original moments with your children.

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