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My grandson, Yuuki, who is ten years old, has been studying under Jan for five and a half years. He recently passed RCM level 5 practical and theory exams.

Initially, Yuuki struggled with shyness and attention difficulties, which made me nervous during the trial lesson with Jan back in 2018. However, Jan's friendliness and humor quickly eased our anxieties, and Yuuki became highly engaged with the lesson. He was particularly fascinated by the mechanical workings of the piano, and Jan enthusiastically showed him how it operated.

Yuuki began attending master classes immediately, and it has always been a positive experience. Performing in front of a supportive and engaging audience provided valuable practice for public performances.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced lessons online, Yuuki still enjoyed the experience, finding it to be a viable alternative to in-person lessons.

Jan's Classic Studios offers a weekly Jeopardy styled "Mammoth Music Games" program led by one of the studio's teachers, Michael, which Yuuki finds immensely enjoyable. It has also helped him become more engaged with music theory, leading him to pursue theory lessons with Michael to further his studies.

Under Jan's guidance, Yuuki regularly participates in the Sherwood Park Music Festival, which serves as a great motivator for him to continue working hard in his piano studies. He even had the opportunity to participate in decorated conductor Mr. Michael Massey's Clementi Sonatina Project, where students perform a movement of the Sonatina accompanied by Mr. Massey's youth orchestra and receive feedback from the maestro - a truly amazing experience.

Jan's Classic Studios has played a significant role in transforming Yuuki from a shy child into an enthusiastic learner who now even explores his passion for composing music.

Thank you, Jan and Michael!
Chieko Luong

"Amazing for our child"

Classic studios has been amazing for our child. She has progressed greatly and has been provided with many opportunities throughout the years. She started as a beginner and in the last 3 years has now improved to platinum status at SP Music Festival under Jan’s teaching. She is now a more confident piano player thanks to Jan.
Cheryl Sinclair

"Lessons in our home is a dream"

Lessons are wonderful! Honestly I’m so thrilled with them and the kids are enjoying them. We practice at least 5 times a week for short bits here and there, but the kids are having fun. When I can get them to both sit down together they teach each other what Sam’s taught them. Having lessons in our home is a dream. I’ve been wanting them to try lessons for a while, but the thought of adding another thing to their schedule stressed me out. Having the lessons in our home is so enjoyable, and the kids don’t feel like they are always on the go. It’s such a joy to listen to them learning with Sam. I’m beyond pleased!

"He really believes in his students"

Jan is an INCREDIBLY GIFTED pianist that has a crazy passion for instilling his love of music into his students! The patience Jan has is SO remarkable! He really believes in his students and works with each unique personality at their level. We have two very different sons taking lessons – his way of inspiring both is entirely suited to the way encouragement would work for each personality. Jan has a wit about him that is infectious! In his kind way, he is still firm when it’s needed and our guys respond well. Our younger son has said twice now… “Mom, if I don’t play piano next year, can I at least go visit Jan!!!” 🙂 Our guys really love Jan! BEST PIANO TEACHER EVER!!
Judie Swinton

"Great stories to share"

My daughter is a busy high school student. She has a job, lots of school work, and a crazy social life. Yet she loves coming to Jan’s lessons once a week, never complains, and always, always comes out of them happy with great stories to share. His positive energy and casual, fun, and eclectic personality has kept her interest in music far longer than I would have imagined. We appreciate Jan for more than just his piano expertise (which is pretty amazing I might add!), but also for being a highly regarded role model in her life! Thanks Jan!
Karen Quinlan

"He doesn't just teach music, he teaches a love for music"

Jan is a fantastic teacher! He always makes you feel like you are his only student. He doesn’t just teach music, he teaches a love for music. He has a way of making it fun and enjoyable. Even if Charlotte is having a bad day, she always comes away from her lesson very happy and positive. He really understands her and is helping her grow, not only as a musician, but as a person as well. She has learned so much from Jan and has had so many great experiences. I can’t say enough great things about Jan Janovsky and Classic Studios!
Charlotte McNeely

"A great learning opportunity"

I just wanted to say “thank you” for today’s Master Class. It really is a great learning opportunity and a good environment in which to overcome one’s insecurities. I look forward to the next one.
Lesley C.

"A truly exceptional teacher"

Classic Studio’s owner, Jan Janovsky, who I have mentored under for 8 years is a truly exceptional teacher. In his lessons, Jan is very engaging and tries to get to know every student's musical style. He is very inclusive as he understands and has experience playing many styles of music whether it be classical or movie music. Jan encourages his students to participate in the community by offering the possibility to play at senior homes as well as he holds free master classes every month for students to get practice playing in front of others. His unique teaching method creates an environment for children and adults that is fun and that improves their musical talent.
Kurt Stenner

"I have gained a greater appreciation and love of music"

I decided to take piano lessons when I retired as being able to play for my own enjoyment has been a life-long dream. I feel very fortunate to have such a talented, encouraging, enthusiastic instructor and through him I have gained a greater appreciation and love of music. Jan ensures a supportive, positive, and fun learning experience for his students of all ages, going above and beyond what one would expect from their piano instructor.
Karen Wilcock

"I would not be the musician I am today"

I have been a student of Jan Janovsky for 6 years, and without the guidance, support and first-class tuition from Classic Studios I would not be the musician I am today. His ability to be a role model, mentor and giving all students the upmost respect has given many of his students the will to pursue music further, whether you want to play piano casually or as a possible career choice. On his part he gives 100% and expects the same for his students, which is shown by him doing 1-1 tutoring once a week and having free ‘Master classes’ every month – where he brings all of his students together as one large class. The atmosphere is a lot more fun yet professional simultaneously, which in my opinion made classes here an amazing experience.
Ben Collins

"A very good musician & teacher"

Jan Janovsky was one of the teachers at the Edmonton workshop. He proved to be mad keen on duets and a very good musician and teacher, by all accounts.
Christopher Norton (International composer & educator)

"Talented & enthusiastic"

Jan has done an amazing job with all four of my kids and their different learning styles. He is talented and enthusiastic. He truly cares about his students and their learning. The Masterclasses he offers go above and beyond. I would recommend Jan to anyone who is looking to learn piano and develop a love for music.
Kristy Young

"Inspired me to pursue music"

Jan has inspired me to pursue music as a career. He has brought me from my early stages as a musician, and trained my ear and mind to help me play the music I want to. I am now currently attending the U of A in piano, thanks to Classic Studios.
Justin Powley

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