We teach your child to play their favorite song in 30 minutes

Most families don’t know what is the best way to start music lessons is. Parents often wonder if their child is ready for music lessons. They also wonder if lessons are worth it.

Meet the Kovalenkos. They want all the social and emotional benefits of music for their children. They know they want to give a balanced education and not break the bank. They want their kids to scroll less on their phones. They want a chance to bond, laugh, and have some new memories with their children.

They discovered Classic Studios’ amazing intro offer and smart start to music lessons. It’s their 30 min “Music Adventures Class”.

They requested to learn their kids’ favorite song, “Flowers,” by Miley Cyrus. They thought they would learn “Twinkle Twinkle” and not much more.

Their kid pleasantly annoyed them playing their version of Flowers all week, lol.

M.A.C. is not your grandma’s intro to music class. (Sorry Grama, we love you.)

Over the past 10 years, we have obsessed about creating the perfect intro class. It gets students playing music from day one. We don’t learn boring facts from a book. We teach your hands to feel the music.

Like getting ready for a date, you want to present yourself in the best way. That means shower, shave, and do you want to wear those suspenders?

We wanted to use music to show the coolest activities. These include singing, improv, movement, and playing. We also wanted to show what music can do for you and your family.

I wanted to say that music can help students get a date. But my wife does not approve of that statement, even though she knows music played a part in our first date lol.

We want to introduce music in a way that makes it attractive to parents even though they may have no experience. How do we do that? We give parents a success manual for how to help their kids in music. We also show them how they can make some music together as a family.

We tailor each M.A.C class to individual students.

Yuuki's Journey with M.A.C

Yuki's First Lesson

Take a moment to see what Yuuki does in his M.A.C. class.

There’s nothing edited here. We took a shy kid and played follow the leader and he started
singing since day 1. This is 5 mins into the lesson.

Watch Video1st Lesson

Musical Exercises

Check out the second exercise where he starts learning about pitch. I am teaching in this video,
and am blown away by his memory and great sense of pitch. Learning solfege builds memory
into learning songs by ear. It lets kids feel more confident and play their favorite songs from the

Watch Video2nd Lesson

A Couple Months of Progression

The third video is a couple months down the line, but I wanted to show what is realistic and

I never knew music existed beyond sheet music. I was never introduced to music properly. You still can.

That’s why I created a smart start to music for our students and parents.

Watch VideoAfter a few Months

Yuuki's Testimonial

Jan’s Classic Studios has played a significant role in transforming Yuuki from a shy child into an enthusiastic learner who now even explores his passion for composing music.

Thank you, Jan and Michael!

Chieko Luong

My grandson, Yuuki, who is ten years old, has been studying under Jan for five and a half years. He recently passed RCM level 5 practical and theory exams.

Initially, Yuuki struggled with shyness and attention difficulties, which made me nervous during the trial lesson with Jan back in 2018. However, Jan’s friendliness and humor quickly eased our anxieties, and Yuuki became highly engaged with the lesson. He was particularly fascinated by the mechanical workings of the piano, and Jan enthusiastically showed him how it operated.

Yuuki began attending master classes immediately, and it has always been a positive
experience. Performing in front of a supportive and engaging audience provided
valuable practice for public performances.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced lessons online, Yuuki still enjoyed the experience, finding it to be a viable alternative to in-person lessons.

Jan’s Classic Studios offers a weekly Jeopardy styled “Mammoth Music Games”
program led by one of the studio’s teachers, Michael, which Yuuki finds immensely
enjoyable. It has also helped him become more engaged with music theory, leading him
to pursue theory lessons with Michael to further his studies.

Under Jan’s guidance, Yuuki regularly participates in the Sherwood Park Music Festival,
which serves as a great motivator for him to continue working hard in his piano studies.

He even had the opportunity to participate in decorated conductor Mr. Michael Massey’s Clementi Sonatina Project, where students perform a movement of the Sonatina accompanied by Mr. Massey’s youth orchestra and receive feedback from the maestro – a truly amazing experience.

Introducing our amazing intro offer class…

Music Adventure Class

What is it?

M.A.C. is a 100 percent free intro class. This class is for new students that are considering
Classic Studios Music Academy.

You can use this offer for in-home lessons and in-studio lessons.

Students can pick what instrument they would like to try. We have piano and Giant Steps. It’s an accelerated piano class. We also have guitar, voice, trumpet, alto saxophone, drums, and bass. We’re adding more instruments all the time.

Students walk away with playing the melody to one of their favorite songs.

Students learn quarter notes and half notes so that they can have steady rhythm. Steady rhythm makes students feel comfortable and want to groove.

Students learn a Mammoth Music game that they can share with their family and friends.


Here's what you get when you sign up for M.A.C.

At Classic Studios, we are so sure that your child will love the programs and lessons offered, we offer a no-hassle, money back guarantee. After the first lesson if your child is not 100% satisfied with the lesson, teacher, or anything for that matter, we’ll give you your money back. This is a great way for you to try us out with no stress.

Student Success

Check out our student performances. We have over 300 videos on our youtube channel with
success stories. (It’s hard to pick!)

Rollan Singing Best Day of my Life

Jude playing Mozart’s Rondo A La Turk

Here is a group ensemble project some of our students did

Here is a highlight reel of our students playing at The Yardbird

Would You Like to Join Us?

We are currently enrolling for the fall term.

There is a limited number of spots. Unfortunately, we can only accept 6 new students now.
If you’d like to be one of those students…click the button below to send a lesson request to our

We believe in 100% in what we do and have the results to show it.
This limited time offer is free with no risk to you. Take advantage while you can.


You've got nothing to lose

We had no idea what to expect from a free class. I was blown away by all the different
activities. Plus, my kid, tried singing! They don’t even want to sing for us! No one ever took the
time to explain how music can help life skills. You got nothing to lose.


Worth checking out for sure

We’ve done a lot of ‘free classes’. They are never free, they cost you your time. A lot of them are just your bare bones classes where you do 1 thing and the rest of the time they try to sell you on the program. We didn’t expect much. Jan is pretty obsessed with music. He gave us his
home number to discuss our kids condition. When does an owner take that kind of time? Worth checking out for sure.


When I decided to returning to piano lessons, I knew what I did not want.

No endless scales, ear training, RCM etc. However, I did not know what I wanted from lessons or where I wanted to take my playing.
After meeting with Jan, I was gobsmacked! I met an instructor who showed me the joy of learning with lessons catered to where I want to get to playing -wise!
I have been with Jan for a little over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed our time!! His enthusiasm and knowledge has allowed my piano playing to grow exponentially.
The Masterclass that Classic offers outside of lessons, gives everyone a chance learn and develop confidence and other skillsets in a relaxed and fun environment.
If you or someone in your family are looking to learn to play I highly recommend Classic Studio!.


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