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About our elite piano lessons

What makes our elite piano lessons different?

Looking for an experienced seasoned professional who wants to help you reach your full artistic potential?

Stop wishing and start playing. I can help you achieve that piano goal you’ve been dreaming about.

My approach focuses on your specific goals, from reading to technique, to improv and composition in order to build a strong foundation. You get a chance to create yourself. In other words, you learn to sit down and play.

Consider me the piano whisperer, and my strength is to find your voice.

Too many teachers breeze through the basics leaving students with an inadequate foundation. You end up learning piece by piece instead of really learning music.

My students have become world-class musicians, producers, festival winners, composers, teachers and generally human beings you want to hang out with. Please see videos and testimonials here.

As a results based coach of over 23 years, my goal is to teach you to become independent of me and play like you’ve always wanted to play.


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