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Understand jazz and improvisation with Classic Studios "Good Times Jazz and Improv Method"

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What makes jazz piano & improv at Classic Studios different?

We make your kids feel like stars. Students walk away from their first lesson with the freedom to improvise and know that they sound good. There are a handful of people in Edmonton and Sherwood Park that can specialize in Jazz piano and improv and teach it to students and adults in a structured fashion, we’re proud to have one of the best.

Have you ever wondered how to improvise? How do I swing? Struggling with how to develop ideas? Are you always just playing the same things?  How do I understand form and style?

Typically after a month students can improvise on the blues and on easy standards.

They learn the language of improvisation so they have the ability to play what they want to. They learn how to just sit down and play.

Students have monthly performance events where they learn to play in a band, work as a team and learn how to take their practice to performing professionally on stage. Students have more performing opportunities than any other school in Sherwood Park.

They learn advanced harmonic techniques, how to play “bluesy”, use a variety of sounds and scales from pentatonics to altered and diminished scales. They learn how music is made and structured, they learn techniques of how to build on a motive or idea and what possibilities could sound the best.

Our specialized teachers, through their care and expertise, will certainly nurture any student’s love of jazz and improv.

*Ages five and up

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Teacher match

You can look through all of our teachers to find the one that fits what you want to learn.

All of our teachers have great personalities and they love connecting with their students, no matter where they are at!

Start making music

You can get started within 1 week! Enrollment is always open and you can start at anytime.

(Lessons are at the same time and on the same day each week, but can be changed if sports or other schedules require you to move spots!)

Jazz piano & improv FAQ

What's the #1 reason to study jazz & improv at Classic Studios?

Our instructors are warm and friendly, and get to know each student and parent on a personal level. We work with you to craft a lesson plan that fits your individual needs and the student’s favorite type of music. Whether you’re wanting to play in the style of Diana Krall or Keith Jarett or just understand how jazz and improv works, we’ll set goals to achieve your musical aspirations.

What styles of jazz do you teach?

We teach all styles from boogie-woogie, ragtime, bebop, swing and contemporary. We also use Schillenger techniques to expand musical ideas.

How qualified are your jazz & improv instructors?

Our music instructors have received their education from prestigious institutions such as Macewan University, University of Alberta, SNFU University, University of Arkansas, University of Saskatchewan, Humber College. Many have toured the US and Europe, and bring over 25 years of professional performance and teaching experience to your lessons.‍

What will I learn in jazz & improv lessons at Classic Studios?

Our students spend time each week working on technical skills to improve their craft. They will learn how to work with an idea, know jazz technique, play by ear, style, transcription, harmonic possibilities and Schillenger techniques. Our teachers, through their care and expertise, will certainly nurture any student’s love of jazz and improv.

How much are jazz & improv lessons?

In-home 30-minute lessons

  • Recommended for young students
  • Choose your once-a-week lesson time slot
  • Save time & money with in-home lessons
  • Masterclasses & performances included
  • Annual registration fee of $75.00

In-home 45-minute lessons

  • Recommended for beginner/intermediate students
  • Save time & money with in-home lessons
  • Masterclasses & performances included
  • Annual registration fee of $75.00

In-home 60-minute lessons

  • Recommended for intermediate / advanced students
  • Choose your once-a-week lesson time slot
  • Masterclasses & performances included
  • Annual registration fee of $75.00

At Classic Studios, we are so sure that your child will love the programs and lessons offered, we offer a no-hassle, money back guarantee. After the first lesson if your child is not 100% satisfied with the lesson, teacher, or anything for that matter, we’ll give you your money back. This is a great way for you to try us out with no stress.

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