Students Build Essential Life Skills – Beyond Music

Discover why so many families choose us. The success of our students inside and outside of the classroom, the outstanding minds of our faculty, access to Alberta’s best clinicians/musicians through our renown monthly masterclasses, and the availability of group, private, band, chamber, and performance opportunities are the foundation of the Classic Studios program. Classic Studios seeks to motivate and inspire the artist in everyone.

In 2018, 90% of our students who participated in the Sherwood Park Music Festival won gold or platinum in their class, but that’s only a small part of the story. Our students learn the value of discipline, study, music skills, public speaking, performance, and constructive criticism to name a few.

Why Classic Studios?

We are a family music school based in Sherwood Park and owned by a local pianist who strives to have the best musical education in Alberta. We have the best teachers because our Master Level instructors are chosen for their expertise and passion because we realize that their desire, skills, and achievements are passed on to students.

We believe that music can be transformative in changing lives and getting the necessary life skills.

Now Offering In Home Private Lessons


I have been a student of Jan Janovsky for 6 years, and without the guidance, support and first-class tuition from Classic Studios I would not be the musician I am today. His ability to be a role model, mentor and giving all students the upmost respect has given many of his students the will to pursue music further, whether you want to play piano casually or as a possible career choice. On his part he gives 100% and expects the same for his students, which is shown by him doing 1-1 tutoring once a week and having free ‘Master Classes’ every month – where he brings all of his students together as one large class. The atmosphere is a lot more fun yet professional simultaneously, which in my opinion made classes here an amazing experience.

These are classes you would love to have your child attend to.Ben Collins