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Have you ever heard this one? “Playing music is for the gifted. It requires natural musical talent, hard work, and determination. It’s either in your genes or it’s not.” After teaching kids for over 25 years, I’ve come to realize that this is far from the truth. At Classic Studios we believe that all kids can play music. If your child can clap and sing along with a song, they can play music. (Extra credit if they can chew gum at the same time.)

If you’re like most parents you might worry about the long term effects of your child living in the fast paced world of cyberspace and virtual reality. It seems like kids spend more time in the virtual world then the real world. Our hope for your child is that music can allow them to take a break, slow down and enjoy the beauty of music. But perhaps your child just wants to experience the mental and emotional benefits and joy that are unique to music. Nothing lights up a gathering or party like a group of kids playing music together.

Jan Janovsky - Owner and Pianist


Classic studios has been amazing for our child. She has progressed greatly and has been provided with many opportunities throughout the years. She started as a beginner and in the last 3 years has now improved to platinum status at SP Music Festival under Jan’s teaching. She is now a more confident piano player thanks to Jan.

Cheryl Sinclair

Having lessons in our home is a dream. I’ve been wanting them to try lessons for a while, but the thought of adding another thing to their schedule stressed me out. Having the lessons in our home is so enjoyable, and the kids don’t feel like they are always on the go. It’s such a joy to listen to them learning with Sam. I’m beyond pleased!


Jan is an incredibly gifted pianist with a crazy passion for instilling his love of music into his students! He really believes in his students and works with each unique personality at their level. We have two very different sons taking lessons and his way of inspiring both is entirely suited to the way encouragement would work for each personality.

Judie Swinton


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