Where has February gone?

Our February Masterclass was a hit. Look below for the winners in each team. Congrats to all!

Have you checked out our FaceBook page or our YouTube channel? If not, go check them out! We celebrate student successes, music videos, stories about musical life and post custom music tutorials and perhaps most importantly, we also do custom tutorials.

We are gearing up for March’s masterclass which will be dealing with how to deal with nerves and anxiety when it comes to performance.


Please welcome our newest teacher, Thom Golub! Thom teaches bass, guitar… and wait for it… The BANJO! 

Student Reviews

My daughter is a busy high school student. She has a job, lots of school work, and a crazy social life. Yet she loves coming to Jan’s lessons once a week, never complains, and always, always comes out of them happy with great stories to share. His positive energy and casual, fun, and eclectic personality has kept her interest in music far longer than I would have imagined.

We appreciate Jan for more than just his piano expertise (which is pretty amazing I might add!), but also for being a highly regarded role model in her life! Thanks Jan!

Karen Quinlan

Student of the month

Anderson R. is February's Student of the Month!


Masterclass Winners

Here are the winners from the Feb. 7th  Masterclass sessions!
Congratulations to all!

Best Performance: Maddy M.
Jeopardy Winner: Montemurro Family

Best Performance: Kelsey S.
Jeopardy Winner: Charlotte M.

4 pm
Best Performance: Grayson B.
Jeopardy Winner: Karen W.

Winners will receive box of candy!


Send us a pic or video with you practicing, using online lessons or just a happy photo with your instrument and you will be entered to win a $25 gift card or a free lesson! 

This month’s winner was the Hartley family!

Upcoming Events!

Online Masterclass is January 24th.

Theme is Movies!

Please attend Jan’s Zoom Room at your assigned times.

You will receive the Zoom link via email.

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Classic Studios Practice Journals are now available for 5 bucks for our students.

Classic Studios method books are now out for beginner piano, ukulele, guitar, drums.

Did you know that students can receive high school credits for their music studies?

Please contact us to find out more.

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Welcome New Students!
Angela M.
Hayden L.

Teacher Availability
Jan Janovsky: SOLD OUT
Eric Weiden: 1 opening
Justin Powley: 2 openings
Mark Maclure: 3 openings
Olivia Hindley: 3 openings
Rebecca Cypher: 3 openings
Sam Oscar: SOLD OUT
Thom Golub: 3 openings

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