Jazzy Christmas Concert 2023

Jazz Up Your Jingle Bells: A Reimagined Jazzy Christmas Concert with Guitar and Piano and a Dash of Ridiculousness!

Picture this – You’re scrolling through Facebook and you imagine that the world could be a better place. You think, man, wouldn’t it be great to get outside of the house. My kids need to get outside of the house. Why is the music my kids are listening to depressing? Wait… but what about the grandparents and seniors? They don’t like anything on Netflix… what can we do together? What about a date night? What about an event where I can just relax?

Well, we’ve got a new Sherwood Park tradition where we are focusing on local talent playing music and creating a winter wonderland where even the snowflakes tap their feet. (I’m not too sure what that means.)

That’s the scene we’re setting for our Jazzy Christmas Concert, starring a phenomenal guitar and piano duo ready to take your holiday spirit to a whole new level.

Neil and Jan are two award winning musicians who want to create live music for the community.

Get ready for a night of musical magic as our talented duo transforms your favorite Christmas tunes into reimagined wonders.

  • Songs you know and recognize. Songs that are for seniors and families
  • Jingle Bells in the style of different provinces. Yes, some feelings will be hurt. (Probably Quebec’s)
  • Do you want to sing along? That’s probably not a good idea for anyone
  • No singers. Yes, we will not be singing because we don’t sing. Singers can get you down and words can be complicated
  • Let the guitar and piano duo enchant you with soulful melodies and toe-tapping rhythms
  • Limited seats available, so grab your tickets now for a night of jazzy Christmas fun!

Book your tickets now and send us your requests. That’s right, you can talk to us. If you would like to hear something let us know and we might make it happen. Even if we don’t know your song, we will play it anyway.

Make this a great start to your holiday season.

Tickets are available at the door or online (Click here or scan the QR code above).

See you there!

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