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About our summer camp programs

What makes our summer camp programs different?

Our Music Studio’s Virtual Summer Camps are designed with the focus on giving each student the best summer camp experience! Our Virtual Camps are available in July and August.

Virtual KidzRock summer camps

You’re never to young to rock’n’roll! Ages 4 – 7

Dates: TBA

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Size: Maximum of 6 students

Cost: $100

Instruments: One or more of the following: keyboard, percussion, ukulele, xylophone

Parental Involvement: Yes, to film your child on the mobile phone and help with set up

Description: The program is based on our popular KidzRock program

Features Include:

  • Hello and welcome song
  • “Gathering Drum” to learn rhythm and other musical concepts
  • Flashcard rhythm exercises and games
  • Playing KidzRock songs on instruments
  • Playing along with the online Chrome Music Maker
  • Improvise, jam and compose a song
  • Sing a KidzRock song
  • Musical craft assignment


Goals: Your child will work towards musical goals with other children in this fun and educational camp! No previous musical experience required

Teacher: Jan Janovsky

Virtual Rock Band video projects

Let’s rock! Ages 7 & Up

Dates:  TBA

Note: Days can be flexible depending on availability

Schedule for Each Day: Group class – 30 minutes, Private lessons – 60 minutes, Band meeting – 30 minutes

Time: All students begin each day at 10 am. Organized independent practice time is also scheduled for each student each day

Size: 3 or more students

Cost: $299

Equipment: Instrument of choice and computer with webcam, headphones.

Parental Involvement: Yes. Filming on phone and helping with setup and make sure recording is sent to Classic Studios.

Features Include:

  • Learn how to play in time independently
  • Learn how to play along with a click and backing track and metronome
  • Learn how to record a song and make a music video


Goals: Each student records their own parts as part of their band. Classic Studios then edits the parts together into a final recording and video – Just like the pros do it! 1-2 years playing experience required

Teacher: Jan Janovsky

Jazz Project

Dates: TBA

Time: TBA

Size: Maximum of 6 students

Cost: $299

Instruments: One or more of the following: piano, guitar, drums, woodwinds, brass, vocals

Parental Involvement: No

Description: Jazz combo and improv program. 1-2 years playing experience minimum

Features Include:

  • Creating motifs
  • How to play by ear
  • Building a vocabulary
  • Memorizing songs
  • Using pentatonics
  • Jazz theory
  • Play on Watermelon Man to Giant Steps

Goals: Your child will learn how to improvise on standards and swing

Teacher: Jan Janovsky

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