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"They are practising every day"

My children have been taking piano and vocal classes with Mr. Jan and Ms. Caylie at  Classic Studios for several months, and they absolutely love it.  I’m very impressed by the patience instructors have with my kids. Classic Studios is a space not just for learning music but also for enjoying it. The teachers are great and very qualified. My kids loves to be part of it. Mr. Jan and Mr. Caylie are amazing, and I think they are my kids' best inspiration for music. Since they started teaching my kids I saw them more motivated with the piano and singing than ever before. They are practising every day and can't wait for their next class. I would highly recommended this great music school to everyone!  Thank you so much Mr. Jan Janovsky and team!

"Able to play my first song after second class"

Great music studio. My first time to hold a guitar @ 50. With a great teacher Colin, I am able to play my first song after second class. Thanks Colin to all your precious tips and tricks.
Josephine F.

"I can firmly attest to both the enthusiasm and the efficacy of the school"

My name is Michael Nunes, and I am currently a Master's candidate at the Juilliard School in New York. I have had over a decade of experience with Classic Studios, first as a student and now as a teacher. I can firmly attest to both the enthusiasm and the efficacy of the school and its founder: Jan Janovsky. As a student I always felt motivated to accomplish the goals that my teachers helped me set for myself--including playing popular music in the community with other young musicians, attending both competitive and non competitive music festivals, and doing music exams. No matter what instrument or what style of music I was working on, I knew that my teachers would help me to create meaningful experiences. All of my musical endeavors--both private and in the school system--were enhanced by my connection to Classic Studios. Classic Studios is where I first learned how to public speak. When I first began performing in recitals and festivals, I felt both out of place and insecure. I didn't know how to convey myself in front of an audience or what to say about the music I was playing. Jan's humourous demeanor and effective guidance helped turn performances into opportunities I was excited for. These skills have continued to pay dividends not only in the field of music, but in interviews, presentations, meetings, and grant applications. My twin brother is currently in the interview process for medical schools, and he largely attributes his interpersonal successes as a teacher, lab supervisor, and medical student candidate to his musical theatre training with Jan. In addition to my own personal experience as a student, I am absolutely thrilled to continue developing new opportunities for the next generation of students. I personally run the Mammoth Games program at the studio, and I love every minute of every class. Regular students at the Games enjoy our weekly Jeopardy and drumming, and  their personal and musical progress throughout the years continues to inspire me. Newcomers are always welcome, even if they feel intimidated! Finally, the most exciting new program at Classic Studios is the Giant Steps group lesson program. Run by Jan himself, this program is unique in Alberta in that it encourages students to develop real musical skills (technique, improvisation, working as an ensemble, and ear training) through accessible and contemporary music. There are very few opportunities outside of the biggest musical centers worldwide for beginning musicians to receive ensemble and improvisation coaching at this level, and I wish that I had had access to a program like this when I was starting my journey. I have looked through the syllabus of the class, as well as written portions of it myself, and I think Giant Steps will provide a generation of Albertans with a fun and meaningful way to develop lasting skills--both at the keyboard and in life.
Michael Nunes

"We are forever grateful"

Jan has been my sons piano teacher for over 12 years. My son (Liam) is blind but from a young age had a gift when it came to listening to music and playing the piano. Yan from day one recognized Liam's talent and adapted his teaching so that Liam could excel. Yan has encouraged, championed and removed barriers that have allowed Liam to be creative in his talent with the piano. Liam now composes his own music and is currently working toward recognition at the grade 9 level through the Royal Conservatory of Music. It takes a special person to see past a disability and encourage talent, Jan has opened a new world for Liam and for that we are forever grateful.
Tim Royer

"Connecting with others through music"

Our family has been with Classic Studios for 7 years.  Jan has provided so many opportunities for us. If it wasn't for Jan, we would not have had the courage, inspiration and opportunity to create our family band!  He understands that music is not just about learning how to play an instrument, it's also about connecting with others through music.  My 3 kids are taking guitar lessons and they are thriving! Their teacher, Mark is absolutely the best.  He is patient, genuinely kind and adapts his teaching strategies to each of my children's style of learning.   We are beyond grateful and fortunate for all the guidance and support Classic Studios has provided for our family. Thank you Jan!
Precia Mathieu

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